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    It was during those crazy university days, that, when we returned to school following a lockout after a student strike we were made to sign a document that said we shall never again engage in a strike. We dubbed it “Nkomati Accord.”...Article by Mr Abel Modimo
  • This article was prompted by a statement made in the local media recently attributed to a government minister suggesting that the focus now is primarily on local investors to partner with government in order to diversify and grow the economy – in contrast with the policy to attract Foreign Direct Investment.... Article by Mr Abel W Modimo

  • Government is reported to have finally decided to go ahead with the much anticipated privatisation of Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC). The transaction, if implemented, will mark a very important milestone in the implementation of the divestiture program - not only because it will be a first successful attempt at privatisation since the adoption of the Privatisation Policy in 2001, but also because, it will somehow give impetus and enthusiasm to implementation of the long awaited privatisation ...Article by Mr Abel W Modimo

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are commercial arrangements between the public sector and the private sector corporations. The arrangements involve the public sector making use of the private sector finance and skills to develop, construct and operate new infrastructure projects in return for operating concessions...Article by Mr Abel W Modimo