Employment and Labour Law

Employment and Labour Law

Our employment and labour law practice covers a whole spectrum of labour and employment mediation, arbitration and litigation; occupational health and safety, and workmen’s compensation. We also provide our clients with labour and employment relations advice on an on-going basis, covering all aspects of employer-employee relations.

We also advise clients on the development and application of hiring, discipline and termination procedures and policies. Our areas of expertise in this field include:

  1. Collective Bargaining Agreements
  2. Employment Contracts
  3. Conditions of Employment
  4. Workman’s Compensation
  5. Wrongful dismissals
  6. Termination of Employment
  7. Workplace Harassment
  8. Severance Package Reviews
  9. Non Solicit and Non Compete Clauses
  10. Restraint of Trade Agreements
  11. Unfair Labour Practice Complaints

We keep our clients informed about new legislative, regulatory and court ruling developments that may impact on the labour relations.

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