Debt Collection

Debt Collection

We collect debts on behalf of our clients. The difference between us and collection agencies is that we can sue, and they cannot sue. Collection agencies can make phone calls and send demand letters. But if the debtor refuses to pay, and you need to take legal action, we can do it and they cannot.

We do debt collection for many commercial institutions including commercial banks, credit insurance agencies and retail suppliers. We offer quality legal assistance that enables our clients to administer the entire default management system effectively. Our experience includes collecting for:

  1. Credit Insurance Agencies
  2. Commercial Banks
  3. Non Bank Financial Institutions
  4. Local Authorities
  5. Utilities Corporations
  6. Micro Lenders
  7. Invoice Discounting and Factoring Companies, and Retailers

At the core of our success story in debt recovery matters is our hands on approach, personalized attention and responsiveness.

Contact with us

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