Construction Arbitration

Construction Arbitration

Our clients include multinational corporations, local construction companies and local authorities. We provide advice and representation on project matters and on litigation, mediation and arbitration.

Our expertise in this field is frequently tapped by construction industry players especially in negotiation of construction contract provisions that are standard to the industry. Individual contractors, subcontractors, property developers and owners, procuring local authorities and other players in the construction industry rely on our expertise and experience in resolving construction disputes.

Our lawyers have hands-on experience in a wide range construction projects including:

  1. Road construction
  2. Building construction
  3. Water and waste water processing
  4. Power generation facilities
  5. Commercial office
  6. Warehousing
  7. High rise buildings
  8. Dams and bridges

Avoiding litigation is a central focus for us, yet we also have extensive experience in handling construction litigation and arbitration when it becomes necessary. We are also experienced in other alternative forms of dispute resolution such as facilitation and mediation. Some of our construction litigation and ADR experience include:

  1. Obtaining a P3 000 000.00 damages and specific performance verdict on behalf of a general contractor who had been unlawfully terminated by a local authority on a building construction project.
  2. Successfully enforcing a P2 000 000.00 performance bond in favour of a local authority against a commercial bank in a water and waste water project.
  3. Successfully prosecuting tender dispute litigation between contractors over a building construction project.
  4. Negotiated a construction dispute between a contractor and local authority procuring entity over a solid waste facility project.
  5. Currently involved in a multimillion class action arbitration proceedings involving a local authority and general contractors.

We work with the client and other parties involved in order to objectively establish what went wrong in a project, finding optimal ways of correcting the wrong and using our skills and experience to negotiate amicable resolution of disputes or to present our client’s case in arbitration or litigation proceedings.

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